As the dog days of summer stretch out, laying bricks in the August sun may not sound like the most enjoyable activity. But at Perry Wellness Center, it's all for a good cause. Hope Park, the latest addition to the recovery center's campus, now boasts a winding brick pathway. The park itself has been a labor of love over the last several months, with the creation of architectural structures and art fixtures ranging from a 12-foot painted fountain to a Peer Prayer design and sheltering garden arbor.

The latest addition to the park comes after the generous donation of bricks by Habitat for Humanity. As project manager Mulkey McMichael points explains, "We have placed ... brick in the traffic areas of Hope Park. Habitat was so generous to provide these brick, but the hot days made the progress a bit slow."

The final touches have been completed, just in time for the balmy days of autumn. As peer members, staff, and visitors walk the pathway and take in all the man-made artistry and natural landscape colors, the summer labor will have been worthwhile.

In the photo below, program director Jackie Teasley levels white sand to ensure the most level and secure brick placement on the pathway.

Brick path

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