Brita Hobbs 2Americus resident Brita Hobbs is a creative and prolific artist who provides support and inspiration at Perry Wellness Center. She first learned painting under the tutelage of her first cousin, an art teacher in Florida.

Hobbs moved to Americus from Macclenny, Florida eight years ago, and since her arrival has become involved in many area art events, including the recent Arts in Rees Park. In preparation for the recent art show in the historic city park, she “practiced” her talents at Perry Wellness Center. She enjoys sharing art with others, including creative peers at the center. 

“I invite everyone to enjoy artistic expression,” Hobbs says. “It is calming, healing, and displays emotion in one’s mind.”

The long-time artist understands that people can discover fine art at any age. “Many of my friends are discovering their love of artistic expression,” she notes. 

Asked about her favorite art medium, Hobbs explains, “I have been painting for over 50 years. I have been drawing for almost 20. I paint with acrylic paint. I do not like the muddying that can happen with oils. I can layer in acrylics. With the pencil, my current media has a hard and soft edge and easy mix on the paper. I guess that with acrylic, drawing is my favorite medium.”

In the above photo, Brita Hobbs chats with Raymond as she captures his expression for a portrait. She finds a moment of stillness amid the conversation and sketches the avid sports fan.

“Raymond loves the appreciation of his support for his teams (Alabama and Georgia football),” Hobbs says with a smile. “I guess his tee shirt selection is a way of personal expression.”

We hope many of you had a chance to enjoy Arts in Rees Park this weekend and discover Brita Hobbs’ work.

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