Virginia BrucePerry Wellness Center is in an almost constant state of activity, with a variety of groups, recreational and social activities, classes, and meals taking up the day. Peers have learned to even take advantage of their break times, using the moment between scheduled activities to do everything from arts and crafts to cards and other games.

Some enterprising peers even use break time to take care of personal business and errands. On a recent morning, we caught Virginia Bruce reviewing her monthly bills and working on her home budget. She has been attending PWC for a year and takes her personal goals seriously.

“My financial plans are important to me,” Virginia explained. “I know what I owe and just want to write my bills down on one page. I learned that budgeting is good.”  The cost-conscious peer added that she would welcome a group on budgeting. “I think it would help all of us,” she said. Smart thinking!

In the photo above, Virginia Bruce finds a private spot to work on a budget reminder page.

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