Daisy Bell needleworkAt Perry Wellness Center, we talk a lot about the importance of creative expression. As part of total mind/body wellness, individuals need creative outlets. They allow for emotional expression, improved concentration, and a sense of accomplishment, among other benefits. 

A stroll around the center and campus finds peers exploring their creativity in a variety of ways. Some enjoy drawing or designing with colored markers, while others complete jigsaw puzzles, learn challenging card games, or practice their needlework skills. 

Needlework is a popular pastime on breaks throughout the day. Several peers arrive at the center each morning with bags of yarn and needles, to crochet potholders, knit afghans, or stitch decorative flourishes on place mats. During this time of year, activity increases as many peers work on items for Christmas gifts.

Daisy Bell is one peer who uses every spare moment to tackle new needlework projects, such as the colorful and delicate piece pictured above.

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