Staff ChristmasIn keeping with the twelve days of Christmas, we’re extending the holiday season as long as possible! Today, we wanted to share our Christmas party for staff. We are a peer-focused organization, and rightly so, but our staff members are the unsung heroes of Perry Wellness Center. Many of our employees are in recovery from mental illness or substance abuse themselves, giving them a personal perspective on the struggles of peer clients. We salute their work each day, but the holidays are a special time to gather with staff and celebrate the important work they do.

This year, Pam, Stuart, and Amanda Perry organized a party with gift giving, games, and refreshments. Gift exchanges were done using the Dirty Santa method. If you have tried it before, consider it at your next Secret Santa exchange. Each guest selects a number from the Christmas box. In the order of the numbers drawn, guests then select a gift from the array. But when the time comes, each gift is subject to a “steal” by another guest. Dirty Santa is best played as a calculated activity to end up with the most desirable gift. Here’s to competitive gift giving!

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry says, “We do appreciate our good staff and their work. Christmas is special for all of us, and we want to show our appreciation for the good job they do.”

Check out the smiling faces of just a few of the gathered staff members in the above photo!

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