Christmas BingoAs the registered nurse for Perry Wellness Center, Charlene Hayes has many tasks. After her morning visit with peers to monitor their medication routine or check vital signs, she enjoys having contacts with center peers that are broader than a nurse/patient visit. She takes a sincere interest in peers’ home life and routine, knowing that changes in the environment can impact their health and recovery.

She also enjoys the lighter side of interaction with peers. For example, during Christmas week Miss Charlene created a special time for games of bingo. She created unique marking pieces and led several rounds of the game, with many peers achieving “bingo” on the same call.

“We did have a good time,” the busy nurse notes, “But to have so many winners at the same time was different.” All the winners received prizes for the occasion.

“I hope all had a special Christmas,” Charlene Hayes added with a smile. Thanks, as always, Miss Charlene, for helping make Perry Wellness Center both a healthy and cheerful place!

In the above photo, Charlene Hayes, RN, turns the bingo wheel while decked out in one of her cheery Christmas shirts.

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