Kudos to the culinary staff at PWC. Their dedicated efforts helped us receive our first perfect score on our recent site compliance visit from the Georgia Department of Health.

There's always plenty of red tape to be found around the office of any non-profit organization, but we're not complaining when it helps motivate our striving for excellence.

The cafeteria of a wellness program is one of its most visible components and is critical to its success. Sometimes, however, the merits of the food service staff are a mixed blessing. As Pam Perry noted, "We're involved in a weight loss challenge for peer members and staff. This good food can make this weight loss program a real challenge." Yes, it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it. Pass me a plate!

In the photo, culinary staff proudly display their perfect evaluation. From left: Imitha Bob, Jeanette Williams, Irvin Cook, Pam Perry, Kelly Jansen, Annie Ruth Thomas, and Casey Christmas.

Culinary Staff

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