Blue awningIn these unusual times, people appreciate the benefits of being outdoors more than ever. After months of being housebound, individuals enjoy the fresh air and associated health benefits. But the bright sun of early summer can take the joy out of an open-air outing.

Perry Wellness Center designer Jeff Williams recently confronted this problem at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. He explains, “Our customers are not complainers, but the afternoon sun has been hot on our market for several years. I decided to cable a blue shade cloth over the plants and our shopping customers.”

After affixing screw bolts from the top of a high ladder (held steadily by Stuart Perry), Jeff attached the corners of the cable with fastening slips and placed weighted poles at the front two corners of the shade cloth.

“Only Jeff would notice this heat and possible dislike of the hot sun by our customers,” Stuart noted, “This cover will protect the customers and our inventory.”

In the photo above, the bright blue shade welcomes customers as it cools the southeast corner of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. 

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