Dreams Come TrueWith the flurry of events in 2020, people worry about their health, the economy, and our society. Positive thoughts may seem difficult to summon at times, but each of us is being forced to learn new ways of coping. From learning more personal worship to making work and school adjustments, society is rethinking how it must operate to promote health, safety, and civility.

For years, creative artist Jeff Williams has motivated Perry Wellness Center peers and staff with his colorful and symbolic creations. They include Hope Park’s structures and peaceful water features, as well as the signage at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Now Jeff has added a new feature to the campus, in hope of inspiring hope in these difficult times. It is a sign that boldly proclaims, in the best Disney fashion, “No Matter Who You Are, Dreams Come True at Perry Wellness Center.”

“It has been a goal to remind visitors, peers, staff, and customers of the spirit of unity and compassion that we work to share on this campus,” Jeff explains. “My first written reminder, ‘You will leave with a smile,’ remains true, but we had to add a reminder sign for each of us. This saying is a great reminder for us all.”

We agree, Jeff, and know it will remind those who see it to hope and dream.

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