Stocked CoolersWith a forecast of triple digit temperatures in South Georgia, we are once again reminded that July and August are the hottest months of the year.

For customers shopping at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, thoughts turn to fresh tomatoes, cool watermelons, and other summer fare. But if the open the doors of our customer freezer, they will be able to select from a variety of produce that staff has readied for cooler months. Chase Farm corn, butter beans, and purple hull, pink eye, zipper, and cream peas are available for pick-up.

“We appreciate local farmers and our customers,” Stuart Perry says. “We want to provide good food year-round. With the scorch of July temperatures, it is hard to even think about cold weather. But we must be prepared for it with good food from Happy Patch.”

Staff foresight has ensured that customers’ favorite produce will be available all year, from the hottest summer days to the coldest winter ones.

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