September FlowersAs Southwest Georgia arrives at mid-September, residents prepare for better, cooler weather. At Perry Wellness Center, the only thing about summer that is likely to be missed is the abundance of colorful flowers and other blooming plants.

The campus gardens have survived the hottest, driest days and now are taking on new color with the help of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Hope Park and its stately fountain have been a center point for displaying flower varieties for sale at the market. Now that most of the display has been sold, blooming plants have been relocated to the park area in order to provide an additional, welcoming splash of color.

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains, “We always try to welcome customers and friends to Happy Patch and Perry Wellness Center. Bright colors cheer up any day, and it is another way to be sure that market customers ‘leave with a smile.’”

Many summer plants are still available at discounted prices at the market. For a last splash of summer color before fall brings its new palette, stop by!

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