Rhonda HubbardAs a long-time peer member at Perry Wellness Center, Rhonda Hubbard makes her presence felt in many ways. When you walk into the education center, she is often the first face you see, extending a welcome and asking how she can help. During former First Lady Rosalynn Carter's recent tour of the Perry Wellness Center campus, Rhonda escorted Mrs. Carter throughout much of her tour of the center and the Happy Patch Market, and she provided introductions of other peer members.

Lately, Rhonda has taken on a new task: bringing more creativity and color to the campus. Working with local volunteer Vangie Perry and project director Jeff Williams, among others, Rhonda has learned to express her creativity through bright and colorful works of art.

On Mrs. Carter's recent tour, she even provided her with an original art work as a gift. Now she is taking up the art of handbag decoration. Using simple fabric bags and paints, she created her first handbag art design, and plans to do more for the holiday season.

In this photo, Rhonda shares her first handbag project. When asked what motivated her, she has a ready answer: "Like Perry Wellness Center, this bag is full of fun and color. I want to do my part to enjoy and show my talent."

We're proud of the creativity and warm spirit of members like Rhonda Hubbard, who make the campus brighter every day.

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