Latest DonationsPerry Wellness Center peer Kaylon Holt continues to maintain the collection of pop tops to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus. For almost three years, Kaylon has been collecting donations from Americus and surrounding counties, then delivering them to the Columbus organization for use in its non-profit work on behalf of seriously ill children and their families.

Kaylon began his pop top donation efforts about three years ago, to help out a friend’s father with cancer. After his friend’s dad passed away, Kaylon talked with PWC staff member Mulkey McMichael to come up with a new plan for sharing donations. Together, they researched the right partnership and decided on the Ronald McDonald House. That decision has led to donations of well over a million pop tops.

The greatest benefit has come from the program’s outreach to families of hospitalized children, but Mulkey also appreciates the benefit it has provided locally. He explains, “As a public relations activity, this project has been tops,” Mulkey enthuses. “Kaylon’s collection efforts, awareness of Perry Wellness Center as a recovery center has grown.”


The project has also been a great endeavor for Kaylon, who has met many new people and gained confidence in his abiiity to inspire others to give back in their communities. But Kaylon acknowledges he is tired, and he has reached out to friend and fellow peer Destiny Allen for assistance in counting and bagging the most recent donations. Her enthusiasm has been evident as she joined in the project.

“I will still be working to collect pop tops,” Kaylon explains. “Many people still contact me for pickup and delivery to Perry Wellness Center. It has been a treat to do this. I have met some great people in the Ronald McDonald House.”

Destiny, above left, and Kaylon are now prepared to box up 174,000 pop tops for delivery to the Ronald McDonald House.

As always, Kaylon, thanks for all you do!

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