Fall Board DisplayIn a scene straight out of a county fair, Perry Wellness Canter staff members appeared in a seasonal display at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. It was “heads up” for Jamie Wadzinski and Mulkey McMichael as they stood behind a cut-out display created by artist Jeff Williams.

“I did this display with face cut-outs,” Jeff explained, “to make people smile when they come to Happy Patch and Perry Wellness Center. I enjoy the mood and temperatures of fall. Why not remind others of the season and encourage them with a smile during all of this stressful time? Life is good, and we need to take a break to celebrate each day.”

Jeff managed to talk Jamie, plant authority at Happy Patch, and Mulkey, a public information staffer, into posing behind his creation for a welcoming camera shot. The latter walked into the frame, so to speak, when he was looking for photos shots for the PWC website and Facebook pages. The normally camera-shy photographer agreed to pause for a fun shot with Jamie.

“I normally do not pose for a picture,” Mulkey explained, “But this was a break to smile in a Jeff Williams creation. I had Jeff in my art classes at Americus High School many years ago. I am proud of him.”

Jeff’s art work has appeared in locations ranging from the Kentucky Derby to an exhibition at the Louvre. Come by and see his latest work at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market!

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