Census GroupA few weeks ago, Perry Wellness Center staff became aware that many peers had had little or no direction about the 2020 census. With the importance of the census being newly stressed by media outlets, more citizens have become aware of the importance of this count. A morning group was established to acquaint the peer population with the procedures for completing the census form.

Explains group leader and certified peer specialist Randi Duncan, “In our early discussion, we thought that a reminder about the census was necessary to our population. All of us will benefit from being counted, but rural populations especially need to be diligent in filling out the census to get support for area needs.”

To Randi’s delight, however, while leading the group she learned that all but three peers had already completed the census! She immediately shared the news with Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry.

“I appreciate our staff initiative to check on the census count with our peer population,” Stuart says. “I am even more pleased that all but three in the group had already completed the census.”

Congrats to all!

In the photo above, several of the peers from the census discussion group are shown. Left to right, they are: Cornelius, Susan, group leader Randi Duncan, Chambliss, Virginia, Matthew, and Sherry.

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