Pumpkin PaintingSeveral years ago, Amanda Perry Campbell began a holiday class in pumpkin coloring at Perry Wellness Center. Today this tradition in artistic expression continues.

Recently, peers selected among suitably sized pumpkins from Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. They then used colorful paints to decorate their pumpkins for a seasonal décor. 


“This is always a fun project for peers,” Amanda says. “The colors get more intense each year. I am proud of how they design and color these holiday symbols.”


Peers seem proud of their work, also, and will quickly point out their completed projects, which are currently on display in the new classroom building. When the project is completed, off-site staff will visit the campus to judge the creations. 


In the photo above, Cornelius Ross, Debra Clayton, Destiny Allen, and Wanda Liles gather near this year’s painted pumpkin display.

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