Adult coloring bookEssie M. Fulks has been a part of Perry Wellness Center since its beginnings, and has worked in a variety of capacities to help develop the program. Her commitment to the center is largely due to friend and colleague Stuart Perry.

“I have enjoyed being with Stuart for a long time,” Miss Essie explains. “I was with him at Middle Flint (the local community mental health center). I was with Stuart at the first Perry Wellness Center on Highway 280, and now I am with him today. I enjoy my work and being with others, and offering my time to talk with others – adults and peer clients.”

This dedicated lady seldom takes a break from her many activities at PWC, but she occasionally takes a pause to relax. She enjoys exploring books and booklets available for reading. She has also discovered adult coloring books, a popular national pastime for relieving stress while being creative.

Miss Essie recently discovered a coloring booklet that also featured ideas for living. She immediately began to read, color, and enjoy.

"I needed to read this and complete the page, ‘Hope is the only thing stronger than Fear,’” she says now. “This saying spoke to me, so I took time to color the page. Diversion from a stressful job does help." The smile behind her protective mask was evident in her twinkling eyes.

Essie Fulks, thank you for all the smiles you give those around you, and your dedicated work for others!

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