Art ConsultationAt Perry Wellness Center, Jeff Williams wears two hats. He spends many hours on practical construction, maintenance, and repair around the campus, such as retooling the watering system, building garden structures, or hanging awnings.

He also spends equal time on creative projects, putting his art and design background to use on artwork – both for the campus and with peers. Knowing that creative ideas are meant for sharing, Jeff enjoys encouraging individuals in their own projects, even as he works on current restoration tasks at the center and market.

Currently, Jeff is largely focused on preparing the market area for spring reopening. He notes, “I hope that the weather will permit us to correct some issues that we have had with the market shutdown and cooler temperatures. It is time to start Happy Patch Market!”

But he also feels drawn to the questions and ideas of creative PWC peers. For example, he recently stopped to brainstorm with peer and friend Rhonda Hubbard about her redesign ideas for a wooden gift box she had received.

“I always have time for peers to discuss their creative ideas,” Jeff says.

And Rhonda welcomed the assistance. She explains, “I want to improve this box and pass it on as a gift.” Which pretty much sums up what her friend Jeff does daily with his talents.

In the photo above, Jeff Williams and Rhonda Hubbard review her plans for completion of a redesigned gift box.

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