Jamie Minich waters plantsWhen customers stop by Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, they often seek out resident plant authority, Jamie Minich. We suspect that plant education is not always the primary reason, as much as the opportunity to enjoy her friendly manner and infectious smile.


Jamie is often spotted around campus wearing her sun hat and bright smile, while carrying a water hose, hoe, or rake, or moving plants around in a garden wagon. When she stops to chat, Jamie is modest in assessing her contribution to Perry Wellness Center. Her staff role is garden maintenance director, but she calls herself “the water girl.”

“I do like people,” Jamie acknowledges. “All visitors and customers who visit Perry Wellness Center have a common goal – to support the center in our effort to provide help for mental health and substance abuse recovery.”

But she also enjoys putting her plant expertise to work. During her time at PWC, other staff members have learned that Jamie is the go-to authority on plant care. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry is also pleased with the efforts she also makes on behalf of customers.

“Jamie prides herself in responding to customer questions about plants,” Stuart says. “If she doesn’t know the answer, she will seek information from books or electronic media.”


Thanks for all you do, Jamie!


In the photo above, Jamie Minich greets a sunny, new day with a floppy hat, a water hose, and a smile.

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