Taco TuesdayCultural awareness and great food often go together. At Perry Wellness Center, Evan Brown, CPS, and Arthur Patillo, food services manager, are working together to bring greater awareness of foods native to countries around the world.

“It is vital for our peer community to realize that people around the world are different,” Evan explains. “We are showing peers that these differences can lead to different reactions to things that we take for normal. This will be a fun time for our peers, and they will learn why cultures around the world have reactions different from theirs.”

To increase cultural awareness, peer groups will share information about the different cultures, likes and dislikes and differences in activities in selected countries. Arthur will also prepare and serve foods from these countries to peers, beginning with “Taco Tuesday.” He plans to serve both hard and soft-shelled tacos. We anticipate long food lines on Tuesday!

Pictured above are Arthur Patillo, left, and Evan Brown.

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