Hydrangea 2021Market manager Kelly Jansen recently shared an update on activities at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. He first reported that he had noted an increased customer appreciation of plants that lure Monarch butterflies and other insects and birds. The flowering displays at Happy Patch have also been observed to attract their share of flying creatures.

Customer drop-ins are high this season, and Kelly noted that the last Mobile Market visits to Buena Vista have been sellouts. And speaking of Buena Vista, Janice Daniel, a longtime customer at both the Americus market and the Mobile Market, has begun to share helpful plant information with both Kelly and staff member Mulkey McMichael, a fellow Marion County resident.

Finally, Kelly reported that the oak hydrangea is a popular plant at the market, and he offered a bit of customer advice on the colorful plant:

“We know that customers want a special color of this plant, but the color at purchase can change. The acidity of the soil directs the various tints and colors of pink, blue, and white plants.”

In the photo above, oak hydrangea in various hues await purchase at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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