Plant BordersWhen the central fountain on the campus of Perry Wellness Center was designed and installed, its purpose was to create a place to pause and reflect. For peers headed to classrooms or sports activities or customers exploring Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, it was a place to stop and listen to the calming sounds of running water.


Over time, much of the space around the fountain has filled with an overflow from the market. In many ways, that is a desirable outcome, as fountain designer Jeff Williams explains: “It is good that customer appeal and product selection are mostly from this area. We rotate higher inventory plants to this area, and they seem to sell better.”


To set the fountain, off, however, Jeff is now in the process of building borders around the fountain and display areas. They are both protective and decorative – a winning combination of both form and function. Here’s to both briskly selling plants and many hours of peace and meditation.


In the photo above, Jeff Williams cuts and attaches 4 X 4 risers to the new foundation design.

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