Elephant EarsIn the west parking lot of Perry Wellness Center, visitors are greeted with colorful, repurposed clawfoot tubs, filled with growing plants. As we’ve previously mentioned, local artist and PWC staff member Jeff Williams keeps his eye out for these tubs and repaints them with bright colors and whimsical designs. They make perfect display spots for flowers and green plants.


Recently Jeff observed, “With the abundant rain this year, all of the tubs look great. I am happy with this project and like what our market staff select to fill the tubs throughout the year.”


He then gestured to a market display tub filled with Elephant Ear plants (pictured above) and commented, “I sure am glad that these plants can’t repeat all they hear. We only want customers to ‘leave with a smile.’”  Forgive our mental picture of chuckling plants as they eavesdrop on conversations among customers, peers, and staff!

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