After decades of the problem of mental illness being swept under the rug, we're pleased to see so many national commemorations of mental health. We recently completed our tribute to Mental Illness Awareness Week in October. Next week is Mental Health Wellness Week, a time to recognize the importance of promoting better mental health for all.

Freedom from Fear

During the week of November 11 – 17, individuals and organizations across the nation will be providing education to the public about mental health wellness. The movement was started by a national non-profit organization, Freedom from Fear, in 1994. In its 18th year, Mental Health Wellness Week is an ideal time to take a look at your own mental health and ask yourself whether you are living your life in ways that promote wellness.

Do you:
• Practice stress management techniques (e.g., yoga, deep breathing exercises)?
• Engage in brisk physical activity?
• Have a support network of helpful friends, family, and others?
• Set realistic goals for your health and personal development?

Take a personal inventory, and if you feel like you need to do more for your own mental health, you can find more information at the Mental Health Wellness Week website.

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