Family FeudThe holiday season is a time of joy and celebration. But it can also be a time of tension when families gather for extended periods of time. No matter how much we love our families, no one knows better how to push our buttons!

To address the issue of conflict during the holidays, peers and staff of Perry Wellness Center recently participated in a unique Monday morning group. Written and staged by staff members Allison Hayes Goolsby and Kelly Jansen, Family Feud Coping Skills was designed to provide tools for conflict resolution at close quarters.

“This was a timely group for our peers,” says Kelly. “With the continued fear of the pandemic virus, it is vital for us to see and hear all possible conflicts and look at resolution of these problems.”

In the photo above, Allison H. Goolsby and Kelly Jansen share coping skills with a group of attentive peers, including Jamica and Wanda. An extra shout-out to Allison and Kelly for becoming PWC’s newest certified peer specialists!

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