Team volleyball has arrived at Perry Wellness Center. With the recent paving of a large parking area on the campus, both peer members and staff have discovered the enjoyment of this vigorous sport.

Along with his long-time colleague, Coach Chuck Wachob, founder Stuart Perry is organizing a variety of team sports. Since his days as a football star both locally and at Troy State University, Stuart has dreamed of becoming a coach. That dream is now a reality, but literally and figuratively.

Volleyball and, soon, tennis, join the growing number of sports and exercise options at the center:

• The Geese tournament basketball team
• Weight training programs
• Treadmills and elliptical machines
• Walking paths

Stuart notes, "The paving of our parking area has provided us with many ways to promote team-oriented sports. In coming months, we will begin tennis lessons and matches on the older public courts on Harrold Avenue. We do realize the power of organized sports at Perry Wellness Center. It makes a good day become better."

In this photo, staff and peers enjoy the balmy fall weather and a challenging game of volleyball.

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