Comic signThe creativity and humor of both staff and peers at Perry Wellness Center is always refreshing to see. During any stroll through the campus, one is likely to see a newly placed whimsical sign or artistic piece. Recently we spotted a sign that was funny because of its placement.

“We are beautiful but we are not real,” the sign read, displayed in the customer checkout section of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. But it was placed in the middle of a group of silk flowers. While lovely and skillfully made, the artificial flowers were no substitute for the sights and scent of real ones.

We have a sneaking suspicion that this conclusion was not accidental. In addition to bringing a smile to a customer’s face (in keeping with the market motto of “leaving with a smile”), the sign gives a subtle suggestion that there is nothing better than fresh flowers – which, by the way, are available for purchase in the market. Step right up!

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