Pecan MulchAt Perry Wellness Center, we take "going green" seriously. With the huge crop of pecans we've been shelling over the last couple of months, we'd accumulated buckets and buckets of pecan shells. Our market manager, Phyllis Bleckley, is now putting what seemed a worthless by-product to great use.

After a bit of online investigation, we determined a fitting use for the discarded pecan shells. Phyllis explains: "We stress the total use of natural products at Perry Wellness Center. With gallons of empty pecan shells on hand, we have now decided to make them available for decorative use with house plants."

That's right: pecan shells have been found to make an excellent natural and attractive mulch to use in gardening.  Crushed pecan shells are now on sale at Rudy's Happy Patch Market for use as decorative garden and plant mulch. For $3.00 per 5-pound bag, customers can purchase enough mulch to last for several seasons of potted plant protection.

In the photo, Roderick Arnett assists Phyllis Bleckley in mulching a geranium plant at the market.

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