Buena Vista Mobile Market aAs promised, the Mobile Market for Rudy’s Happy Patch Market arrived on Friday at the town square in downtown Buena Vista, Georgia. It was the first destinations of this Perry Wellness Center outreach and fund-raising program for 2022, and was also the inaugural site for the first Mobile Market visit a couple of years ago. (The fact that Buena Vista is the boyhood home of PWC founder and CEO is completely coincidental! J)

Monthly mobile markets are already scheduled this spring and summer in Ellaville and Butler, but plans for further expansion are also underway. Stuart says he has received a good deal of customer feedback about the schedule.

“We will increase our visitation sites in Southwest Georgia,” Stuart promises. We’ve had requests to visit Richland, Georgia and set up near the Perry GasNGo. We are working on that new market today!”

Great news: A final review of the day's receipts showed that the Mobile Market had earned almost double the revenues of the daily tally at Rudy's Happy Patch Market!

In the photo above, customers stop by the Mobile Market in the Buena Vista town square and chat with Rudy’s Happy Patch representative Mickey Wiggins.

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