Group PuzzlesFor years, jigsaw puzzles have been a popular individual and group project at Perry Wellness Center. For groups, they provide a common purpose during socialization time at the busy center. We’ve told you before about puzzle champion Vicki S., a peer who has taken on larger tasks over time. But many other peers have discovered the satisfaction of group puzzle completions.

First, a staff member or peer selects an appealing puzzle from PWC’s large collection of purchased and donated jigsaw puzzles. It is spread out on a tabletop, and any passing peer, staff member, or group can add pieces.

Peer and staff member Essie Fulkes explains, “We all enjoy puzzle construction. The more pieces, the more the challenge. We have some puzzles with over 2500 pieces. These are tough and take study to complete. They are fun when they are completed and make great displays on our walls.”

Lately, a new twist has been added to the jigsaw puzzle ritual. Puzzles from different countries are selected and information on the country is posted on the wall behind the puzzle table. A new learning experience then takes place – can we say piece by piece?

In the photo above, from left, peers Debra, Tamika, Josh, and Ariel join Essie Fulkes at the puzzle table.

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