Upselling PlantsAs summer transitions to fall, Stuart Perry continues to focus on plant displays at the revamped Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. From spot-checking produce for an appropriate degree of ripeness to promoting the best customer service possible, he “markets the market” in numerous ways.

Lately, he’s been looking at the effect of flowers on mood. He points out, “I have always heard that any counter display of live flowers is welcoming to customers and helps to avoid negative comments or dialogue. Therefore, many colorful plants and shrubs are rotated along the check-out counter at the market.

“We have found that customers notice colorful plant groupings and that displays are an ‘upselling’ space. The real color of the summer season has been sold, but we still try to welcome customers with live plants.”

And before we know it, it will be time for pumpkins, mums, and other colorful tokens of fall, setting the market ablaze with color once again.

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