Susan Hull CraftsCreativity is expressed in many ways by peers at Perry Wellness Center. Some like to work on a group project, such as completing a jigsaw puzzle. Others like to create more personal projects. Susan Hall falls into the latter category. She is primarily interested in beginning and completing projects for personal gift giving.

“I like to make things for friends and family,” Susan explains. “I think that handmade creations are more special, and they demonstrate a special idea for gift recipients.”

Susan enjoys other activities throughout the day at PWC, but is glad that she can have time for creative work. She says, “It is fun to be busy each day. I can take my projects with me, wherever I go. I like to work and listen. I’m very interested in groups, and they allow me to keep working on my current project.”

In the picture above, Susan Hull displays one of her partially completed projects, which tucks away neatly when she is occupied with other activities.

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