Farmers Feed and SeedAt Farmers Feed and Seed, local businessman Frank Joiner is known for many things, including his love of cats, his beautiful Christmas trees, and his community spirit. A longtime supporter of Perry Wellness Center, his relationship with Stuart Perry began when Stuart and his son, Jeff Joiner, were high school teammates and played varsity football together.

Stuart describes his support today: “Mr. Frank has been good to me and my family. He gave us discounts as we began purchasing supplies for our larger center. As we continue to expand, he has always been there to offer his support and the best possible prices.” During the warmer months, Mr. Joiner is often found at the center greenhouses, where he serves as a horticultural trainer for peer clients, teaching proper techniques for plant transplantation and re-potting.

Most recently, Farmers Feed and Seed offered a learning and job experience for peer client Roderick Arnett, who served as a loader and warehouseman during the busy Christmas season. Famed for its excellent Christmas trees, the local business is even more bustling than normal during the holidays. Roderick enjoyed his recent work placement. “This was a great experience with Mr. Joiner,” he reports. “The first day I was there, I learned to drive a forklift and do new things.” He is looking forward to the possibility of future employment.

And as for the cats – well, let Frank Joiner explain: “We have five cats who like to greet customers when they come in. Outside there are approximately 15 other protective, friendly cats who keep the property rodent-free.” Radio listeners of his seasonal ads chuckle when they hear him offer seasons greetings from his family, staff, and cats.

So we thought this photo summed up some of his favorite things quite well: helping out others, displaying his beautiful trees, and holding his favorite cat!

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