Rick Whaley donationLast week we told you about our successful Chevron gas raffle. This week we'd like to share a follow-up story that speaks to the true spirit of the holidays.

As we reported, the first place prize in the center's fund-raising gasoline raffle was won by Rick Whaley, President and CEO of our local Citizens Bank. He contributed a $100 donation to Perry Wellness Center, and received 100 raffle tickets for the drawing.

When Mr. Whaley realized that he had won, he had mixed feelings. "I only wanted to give Perry Wellness Center a $100 donation before Christmas," he explained. When he unexpectedly won the top prize in the raffle, he was confronted with the dilemma of how to most fairly distribute his winnings with his employees. He began to think of other ways to approach his "problem." The solution?  He decided to donate his winnings back to the center!

"The presentation of the 100-gallon gas cards caused me to start thinking of the best way to help others. I wanted others to be helped with their gas purchases during this season." Once this decision was made, he got together with PWC staff and agreed to a drawing to select 10 other previous raffle entires and award them each 10 gallons of gasoline.

The drawing was conducted by Essie Fulkes and Rick Whaley (pictured). New winners include: Jennifer White, Lisa Waters, Joan Mason, Johnny Hopkins, Darius Williams, Deborah Pinnell, Melvin Thomas, Rob Brown, Betty Teasley and Joyce Blakeley.

Perry Wellness Center salutes local businessman Rick Whaley for demonstrating how to really "pay it forward." Many thanks!

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