Mexican PetuniaA volunteer plant found on a ramp at Perry Wellness Center had everyone on alert today, trying to confirm the identity of the delicate pink blossoms. Photos were Googled; calls were made; smart phones were put into action.

Staff member and plant lover Mulkey McMichael led the investigation. With the help of Nokia Rhome, he narrowed the plant’s identity down to the Mexican Petunia.

“We have sold and planted the purple variety of the rare Mexican Petunia for years,” Mulkey noted. “I use this flower in church flower arrangements in Buena Vista. It has to be in the Four O’Clock family. It blooms and drop the blooms at the end of the day. It’s a beautiful flower, and I’m sure that someone will find a way to harvest the plant to produce more for our market. For now, we will call it a Pink Mexican Petunia.” 

Nakia Rhome used a plant identifier app on her phone to confirm the plant’s identity. Mystery solved! Visitors to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market should not be surprised if they see some hanging baskets sporting these cheery pink blooms in a few months.

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