Blue Argo plantsAt Perry Wellness Center, we’re frequently reminded that everyone has something to give back, in his or her unique way.  This morning, we had this fact demonstrated for us once again, as several of our team spent a morning on the beautiful grounds on Blue Argo’s property outside of Americus.

Ms. Blue had called us there because she wished to donate some plant materials to the center.  Since 2007’s devastating tornado cut a wide swath through Americus – and her property, she has been restoring the grounds and reclaiming her lovely yard.  In the process, she unearthed more plants and bushes than she wanted to manage.  The perfect win-win solution presented itself when she contacted the center.  Armed with shovels and containers, our team spent a morning digging up plants for transplanting, as well as taking cuttings from mature trees and plants, many of which are heirloom or unique varieties.

Perry Wellness Center is using these contributions in two ways:  First, we have already begun transplanting many of these plants to Hope Park, to add additional color and greenery to our meditative park in the middle of our campus.  Second, we will re-pot many of the plants and sell them at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

This is not the first example of Blue Argo’s generosity to us.  At our recent Cheer Up the Blues event, she played guitar to accompany our Christmas carols and brought an extra dose of cheer to visitors, staff, and peers.

Thanks to Blue Argo and all our generous community contributors.  Every day you remind us that the best giving comes from the heart, and that everyone has a gift to give to others.

In the photo, Roderick Arnette, Blue Argo, and George Windham take a break from transplanting.

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