Group discussion

Everyone’s trying to save money more than ever these days.  One of the best ways to reduce household costs is through cutting your utility bills.  So at a recent discussion group at the center, we focused on the topic of energy savings.

The group, led by Mulkey McMichael and Noah Cochran, provided simple but often unnoticed tips for reducing home energy bills.  They included the following:

    • Turn out the lights when not using a room or space.  (I’m always amazed at how so many houses are lit of like Christmas trees at night, with lamps shining from every room.  Pretty, but wasteful!)
    • Unplug an appliance when not in use.  Even when an appliance is turned off, it is consuming electricity as long as it’s plugged into an electrical outlet.
    • Fix leaky faucets pronto – the steady drip-drip can really spike your water bill.

Group members were provided handouts with tips and engaged in a good deal of lively discussion about such questions as “How often or for how long should a cell phone be charged?” (Answer:  Until it is fully charged, but never over-charge, as it reduces battery life.)

As a behavioral health recovery program, we focus on topics that promote everyday life skills.  Managing money is certainly one of them.  As Stuart Perry said when he introduced the group topic,” I am not being personal with you.  But we need to examine the best ways to make your monthly money go farther.”

Don't we all!

In the photo, Noah and Mulkey field a question from group participant Rhonda Hubbard.

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