Peer reading mentoringCrack the books before you turn on the computer!  That’s the message from Perry Wellness Center.  Due to educational gaps and problems with mental illness or substance abuse, many of the peer members at the center have not mastered reading comprehension.  While everyone enjoys surfing the web at the center, staff member Amanda Perry points out:  “Before the computer is best utilized in reading, some individuals must have a tangible hard copy of information.”  So we’re trying to start with the basics.


But because the center is peer-run, we’re doing our reading proficiency training with a bit of a twist!  We’ve implemented a peer reader mentoring program, where peers help each other with reading mastery.  Amanda explains: “Peers have begun helping other peers to explore the importance of reading and understanding.  Such reading and comprehension is integral at the center.”


In the photo, Nathaniel Thomas, left, and Wanda Liles get in some reading time before Nathaniel studies on-line to prep for his Georgia drivers’ license examination.


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