Token economy

We know that kids respond to rewards for good behavior.  Well, guess what!  Adults do, too!  After all, isn’t your paycheck a reward for going to work each day and doing a good job?  Isn’t eligibility for a college scholarship a great reward for studying hard?  From childhood onward, we learn that our behavior leads to either positive or negative consequences.  And we’re all about the positive at Perry Wellness Center!

Using a reward program that is modeled after Sumter County Schools’ “good behavior” program and numerous token economy programs used in mental health settings, we have recently begun our own token redemption program.  Here’s how it works: as peer members work on their recovery goals successfully, they receive tokens that can be exchanged for personal care items, such as toothpaste, deodorant, hair brushes, shaving products, etc.  In the first five weeks of our program, rewards have grown, from three individuals receiving them to over 20 at last count.

Program facilitator Patsy Gordon explains: “We are excited with this new program.  It not only improved behavior awareness on the Perry Wellness Center campus.  Clients are learning about the need for improved personal care.”

At the last rewards session, more peers had been nominated for deserved gifts than we had prizes for!  Each week the available rewards will increase.

In the photo, smiling winners display their week’s rewards.

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