WRAP program Maintaining a path toward recovery is a challenge for any individual struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues.  Perry Wellness Center provides our peer members with a variety of tools to assist them, from Double Trouble and Recovery, for individuals with both mental health and substance abuse problems, to the Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) program.  But one of our favorite tools is the WRAP program, a recovery planning guide we’ve been using for several years.


The Wellness Recovery Action Program (WRAP) has helped thousands of individuals with mental illness in their recovery.  Created by advocate Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland, the program teaches individuals how they can learn to monitor and manage distressing feelings and behaviors, through working out plans in advance.  The program teaches a wellness toolbox, warning signs and triggers, and both pre- and post-crisis planning.


Perry Wellness Center began using the WRAP program when we were only about a third the size we are today.  Both staff and peer members enjoy frequent WRAP discussion groups.  In the photo, you can see one group in action.  Seated, left to right, are:  Lashunda Foster, Essie Fulks, Rhonda Hubbard, and Tamika Brown.  Standing are Elizabeth Moss and Noah Cochran.


If you’d like to learn more about the WRAP program, visit the website WRAParoundtheworld.com

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