Laurie Hildreth petsLaurie Hildreth is a popular peer member at our center.  She works hard to maintain perfect attendance, which is doubly impressive when you learn that she lives over 15 miles above Buena Vista, making her one of our most outlying commuters.

Recently, Laurie demonstrated her loyalty to the center in a unique way.  After her four-year-old mixed breed, Lassie, had puppies, Laurie queried friends at the center about ideas for puppy names.  “Pam” and “Stuart” were the top choices, honoring PWC founder Stuart Perry and his wife and key administrator Pam.

Laurie followed through with the names, and Stuart, for one, seems delighted.  “It did not bother us to have our names used for Laurie’s pets!” he states.  “She loves life and Perry Wellness Center.”  With a smile, he adds: “I wish her extended family good health.”

Stuart, if they are family, that means that Laurie just had two “grandchildren” named after your family!

In the above photo, you can see how cute the young’uns are.  Laurie and Lassie pose with Stuart, left, and Pam.  Awwww!

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