Spring PlantingLast month we snapped a photo of several peers and staff beginning some planting beds on our campus. In the picture, taken on a still blustery March day, not a spot of color can be seen.


What a difference a month makes! Now the beds are in bloom, along with our greenhouses and other growing areas. While we enjoy the beauty that the plantings bring, Stuart Perry reminds us that growing plants is also an educational experience. Peers learn about using the proper fertilizer and nutrients, learn about recycling from use of our compost mulching bins, and even practice their reading skills. “We let them read the instructions for anything that is added to these plots,” Stuart explains. “We try to make everything we do a learning experience.”

The growing experience also teaches responsibility, as the growing plants must be tended and watered regularly.

Education aside, come by and see how beautiful our campus is, with everything in bloom!

In the photo, left to right, Cedric Seay, Malcolm Johnson, Connie Rutherford, Gerald Shaw, Nathan Bridges, Mike Harper and Grover Thornton, complete garden chores.

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