Flower TowerWith warmer spring temperatures, our campus is filled with splashes of color. In Hope Park, peers and staff enjoy lingering in the restful spot in the midst of a buy day. To welcome visitors to the park, our tireless project manager, Jeff Williams, has created new "Flower Towers." When fully grown in, they will present solid columns of blooming flowers.
These green and blossoming columns are actually relatively simple to make, according to Jeff. If you'd like to make one for your own favorite garden space, or place one on each side of your front door, here are the instructions:
    1. Assemble your materials: a foot urn or raised pot, steel wire, commerical planting cloth, planting soil, and your favorite flowers. 
    2. Place the urn or pot in your chosen area.
    3. Make a cylindrical tower rising from the pot, using the steel wire.
    4. Line the inside of the wire with planting cloth.
    5. Fill the towers with the potting soil (tip: add Black Kow for great results).
    6. Cut narrow strips in the planting cloth.
    7. Carefully plant the flowers in the strips.
    8. Plant additional flowers or green plants at the base and top, as desired.
    9. Lightly water the finished creation.

Jeff tells us that the finished planting should cover the tower in about 3 - 4 weeks. Depending upon the amount of heat and rainfall the plantings receive, your water frequency will vary.

In the photo, Jeff and Connie Rutherford work toward completion of a flower tower in Hope Park.


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