Rudy HayesOur favorite visitor to Perry Wellness Center just has to be Rudy Hayes.  A long-time friend of the center and mental health advocate, the former newspaper editor wrote the book, “Journey for Life,” which provided a firsthand account of Stuart Perry’s walk from Americus to Chicago.  The walk was designed to increase public awareness of depression and to petition the American Medical Association to provide routine depression screenings to patients.


Our market, Rudy’s Happy Patch, is also named for the man who has had such a part in the success of the program.



Rudy and his family are frequent guests at the center.  They have shared stories from the book and recounted their own mental health advocacy efforts.



On his most recent visit to the center, Rudy was accompanied by daughter Lisa Willis and his grandson Justin.  As the photo below shows, Rudy had a bit of fun, placing his favorite “Georgia” cap on a statue in the garden.  Guess in Rudy’s eyes, even inanimate objects can be converted to Georgia fans!



In the photo, left to right, are: peer Perry Duffie, Lisa and Justin Willis, Rudy Hayes, and Amanda Perry.

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