Respect Institute

Recently, twelve peers completed a special seminar to gain insights into caregiving and mental illness. The RESPECT Institute of Georgia conducted a three-day training on caring for individuals with mental illness and developing empowering and healing relationships. Since Joel Slack created the RESPECT Seminar, it has been presented to over 300,000 individuals worldwide.

Last week's seminar took place in the community room of the Americus-Sumter Chamber of Commerce. The twelve PWC peers were taught construction, writing, and presentation of their personal life accounts.

After the seminar was concluded, graduation was held in our campus classroom. At the ceremony, six peers volunteered to share their own personal written stories. Certified peer specialists, other staff, family members, and community leaders were also invited to attend the ceremony.

In the photo above, Stuart Perry stands with Joel Slack and the group of peer graduates near the Hope Park fountain. From left: Stuart, Joel Slack, Penny, Rhonda, Shanora, Shaneshia, Nakia, Essie, Wanda, Kaylon, Roderick, Keneth, and Tamika.

Congratulation, all!!

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