Wellness WalkThe weather may be warm this August, but most of our peers will not be discouraged by the heat and humidity from pursuing their wellness goals.  As the weather has become too hot for daily volleyball tournaments or other strenuous activity, many peers and staff alike have made the switch to an after-lunch walk.


This so-called Wellness Walk takes place after each day’s healthy lunch.  Individuals gather in Hope Park to begin a walk around the perimeter of our campus – a walk that is vigorous or slow-paced, depending upon the individual.



Counselor Elizabeth Moss explains, “The idea of wellness through walking is increasing.  It is too hot for some to play team volleyball, but our daily walking program is appealing to others who care about physical wellness.”



Moss and others are aware of the evidence that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind.  Awareness of the mind-body connection guides many of our peers in their selection of wellness goals that emphasize healthy eating and exercise.  Peers then spell out their goals and implementation plans in their Whole Healthy Activity management (WHAM) plans.



In the above photo, the smile on most of the faces proves that a brisk midday walk is just what the doctor ordered!

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