PWC visitorsSharing is a two-way street at Perry Wellness Center. We receive many visitors to our campus, and each of them brings something to share with us, whether it is a kind word, a delivery of farm-fresh produce, or volunteer time with our peers.

In turn, we try to provide our visitors with something as well: a tour of the campus and the opportunity to learn more about mental illness and recovery.

One recent visitor was Bonnie Sizemore, who arrived with her son Kipton and a bunch of homegrown tomatoes for our market. The two drove down from Marion County for the delivery. While they were here, CPS Noah Cochran provided them with information on the history of Perry Wellness Center.

While Miss Bonnie appreciated the information, son Kipton seemed more interested in checking out the bright and colorful campus, including Hope Park. Who can blame him?

In the photo above, Bonnie Sizemore and Kipton chat with Noah Cochran in Hope Park.

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