Dorothy SeayRecently, one peer at our center provided a valuable lesson in doing the right thing. After staff member Mulkey McMichael took a quick bathroom break and returned to his desk, he was startled to be asked a question by peer Dorothy Seay.

“Is this your wallet?” Dorothy asked, bearing his brown wallet in her hand. “I found it in the bathroom.”

Mulkey had not even realized his wallet was missing. Its cash and cards were untouched. With a huge to Dorothy, Mulkey retrieved his wallet. But the incident wouldn’t leave his thoughts.

“I normally am conscious of my wallet but failed to check on this recent bathroom visit,” he explained. “I am so thankful that Dorothy found it and returned it to me.”

Mulkey decided that Dorothy’s kind act provided a moment to promote goodness at the center. The next day, he shared the incident with other peers in a Current Events group session, then presented Dorothy with a monetary reward.

In the above photo, Dorothy is embraced by a grateful Mulkey. Thanks to Dorothy for demonstrating the power of living a life of integrity. Now we’re going to work on teaching Mulkey to hold on to his wallet!

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