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Mental Illness Awareness Month is here again! Sponsored by the American Psychological Association, this recognition month is designed to increase the public's knowledge of the large number of Americans who are affected by mental illness. 

Consider these facts:

  • 25% of adult Americans experience some type of mental health problem in a given year.
  • 60% of individuals with a mental health issue receive no treatment.
  • Almost one third of individuals with a medical condition also have a mental health issue.
  • Over two thirds of individuals with a mental illness also have at least one medical condition.

The month of October is a good time to take a mental health inventory -- of yourself and of those you love.  If you think that mental health assistance may be needed, don't be afraid to take the first step.  Contact your physician or a mental health provider.

Remember: Mental illness CAN be treated.  Recovery IS possible.


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