pumpkin decor During this holiday season, Perry Wellness Center maintains a large selection of pumpkins on hand at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Not only are they a fixture in holiday recipes, they also are a part of much seasonal décor.

“The selection and purchase of seasonal pumpkins from Atlanta Farmers Market was good this year,” reports Phyllis Bleckley, market manager. Now that only a few pumpkins remain, a creative use was found for them.

Staff member Mulkey McMichael, a former high school art teacher, recently shared simple ideas and instructions for the use of holiday pumpkins with peers and staff. The photo above shows a favorite: a holiday pumpkin centerpiece.

“This decoration is simple, quick, and inexpensive,” Mulkey assures. “All you do is get a colorful pumpkin from Perry Wellness Center and cut some fresh evergreen cuttings from around your house or a nearby forest.”

Mulkey uses a screwdriver or other sharp tool to pierce the skin of a pumpkin. Lower leaves or needles from greenery cuttings are removed before being inserted in the created holes.

“It is important to use greenery that requires little water,” Mulkey explains. “I suggest Leyland cypress, cedar, pine, Nandina berries for holiday color, and any other fresh greenery. Pine, cedar, and cypress should be the base of the decoration.” He adds that eucalyptus and Spanish moss, if available, make a great filler and provide added texture to an arrangement.

The creation above was actually used as a funeral decoration at the home of a friend, but this design would also make a colorful table centerpiece or look great as part of a front porch seasonal tableau.

Thanks, Mulkey, for a lesson in holiday creativity!

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